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XR Arena

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Best XR Arena  in San Antonio!

A rich, interactive attraction that uses cutting edge XR technology and special effects to ensure a superior guest experience for all ages! Group play and individual scoring system create unique, and competitive dynamics.

  • Mixed Reality Experience

  • Fun for all ages, kids to adults

  • Great Way to have fun with gaming while also moving around

  • Great family experience or used for corporate events

  • 5 different experiences

Types of XR Arena Experiences we offer

  • 5 unique experiences

  • Each experience tailored for different age groups

  • Fun for all ages, kids to adults

Our XR Arena Gallery

FAQ of XR Arena

  • What is the size of the skating rink?
    Our Skating Rink is 9,000 SF of fun!
  • Can I rent out the entire skating area for a group or just have a skate party?
    Yes! Contact us for more details!

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Experience Best XR Arena In San Antonio
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